Programs & Services

As school districts are met with the challenge of preparing students to meet higher standards while staying within ever-increasing budgetary restrictions, we strive to provide the high-quality programs and services you need, at a cost-effective rate. Whether it’s communicating with your public, ensuring business offices run smoothly or integrating technology into the classroom, we’re here to help you achieve a level of quality, efficiency and effectiveness that wouldn’t be possible alone. 

Suggestions for new services

We also continue to seek ways to help districts cut costs, whether it be  through cooperative bidding, or other services. Contact us at any time to discuss new services that could help meet your needs — or just to pass along your suggestions or comments. Through your input, we can better help you, and continue to reach for educational excellence.

For more information

If you have questions or would like to suggest a new service, please contact Senior Executive Officer Joseph P. Dragone, Ph.D., at 518-862-4901 or