Standards-Aligned Curriculum Support

Help staff gain proficiency with the state’s new learning standards.

As new learning standards continue to roll out in New York state, school districts may lack the time or resources to help staff understand the changes fully to confidently put them into practice.

Knowledge of the standards and high-impact teaching strategies are essential to providing sound instruction. Without these, it is more likely that there will be missing components in instruction, less engagement with students, and the gaps will continue to grow, not close, for those students who have not yet learned the necessary skills to prepare for new instruction.

When teachers are equipped to scaffold instruction to meet the needs of all learners, students can demonstrate an understanding and application of the standards-based skills and are more aware of the progression of learning they are engaged in within each content area. 

We stand ready to provide standards-based training and support in curriculum and instruction. 

Our standards-aligned curriculum support is tailored to meet each school district’s needs.

  • Our instructional coaches can provide training directly to your teachers or equip your administrators to provide turn-key training to their staff.
  • We can provide professional development workshops open to many school districts or designed to meet the needs of one district or group of staff or even job-embedded support at school.
  • Training can be comprehensive of the whole process of developing a standards-based curriculum and its implementation, or it can be for any aspect of that process. For example, this could involve an overview of the new standards, using the Essential Ed website , for training on high-impact instruction practices, creating and implementing standards-based assessments and adjusting instruction in response to results.

Lacking a depth of understanding about the progression of skills and the adaptations that may be needed for all students to become proficient, educators risk implementing the standards inconsistently -from student to student, across classes or grades. This may result in varying degrees of exposure for students and ultimately impact state assessments and accountability scores. 

Let us guide your journey to a standards-aligned curriculum to help your teachers and, ultimately, students grow. 

Standards-aligned curriculum supports available 

Our standards-aligned curriculum support is tailored to meet your needs and may include: 

  • Leadership support around standards and curriculum. We work with leadership teams to develop a systems approach to review, align or create standards-based curriculum.
  • Curriculum and instruction audits. Working with your team, we can lead an audit of your current curriculum and instructional practices for alignment to the new standards.
  • Prioritizing and identifying focus standards. This includes facilitating different team work techniques to prioritize standards and determine grade level benchmarks.
  • Unpacking standards. This includes creating and helping support a progressive plan of study to help your instructional team gain the knowledge and skills to put the standards into practice with confidence.
  • Standards-based instructional planning. This includes developing teaching points for each standard, developing learning targets and creating a system for using them to guide student thinking during instruction.
  • Developing standards-aligned assessments to show the knowledge and skills to inform instructional decision-making.
  • Aligning resources. This will assist instructional leaders and teachers in aligning district resources to support implementation and the sustained use of a standards-based curriculum. 

What to Expect

  • Expertise. Our staff members are experts in developing and implementing standards-based curriculum and instruction with a focus on the processes and habits of mind to help build capacity in the school academic culture.
  • Customized training and supports. Support with curriculum and instruction can be obtained through professional development workshops open to all districts, training and workshops specific to the needs of one specific school district or a group of teachers, or embedded support.
  • Meet the needs of all learners. Teachers are then able to scaffold instruction to meet the needs of all learners. As a result, students are better able to demonstrate understanding and application of the standards-based skills and are more aware of the progression of learning they are engaged in within each content area. 

How It Works

  • Contact us. Call or email us to discuss your needs. 
  • Get started, Tap into the expertise of our curriculum and data team.
  • Be ready. Be confident in your staff’s depth of knowledge about the state’s learning standards and their ability to confidently implement these over time.