Standards-Aligned Curriculum Support

Our Educational Support Services team can offer standards-aligned curriculum support for districts through direct training with teachers, or through turnkey training presented to administrators.

Support is tailored to meet you needs and may include: 

Leadership support around standards and curriculum

Working with leadership teams to develop a systems approach to review, align or create standards-based curriculum, as well as audit district curriculum and instruction for alignment to new standards.

Prioritizing and identifying focus standards 

This includes facilitating vertical and horizontal team work to prioritize standards and determine grade level benchmarks.

Unpacking standards

  • Process-identifying progression knowledge and skills development to demonstrate understanding of focus standards.
  • Sequencing standards into units of study.

Standards-based instructional planning

  • Developing teaching points for each standard.
  • Developing learning targets and system for using them to guide student thinking during instruction.

Developing standards-aligned assessments

Facilitating creation of assessments designed to show the knowledge and skills to inform instructional decision making.

Aligning resources

Working with instructional leaders and teachers to align district resources to a standards based curriculum.

Essential Ed website

Providing participating districts with a roadmap to standards-based curriculum. This site includes:

  • Access to standards-based prioritized curriculum that is both vertically and horizontally aligned.
  • Downloadable, customizable units for K-8 ELA, math, social studies and science.