Communications Project Work (Non-retainer/Pay-as-you-go)

Communication and design services may be purchased on a per-project/hourly basis by districts that do not subscribe to the Core Communications Service or Communication Project Work on Retainer. Communication project work is also designed to accommodate districts that request services in excess of their existing annual communications contract.

Through consultation with you, we will provide a cost estimate before beginning any work and you will be charged for hours actually spent on your project.

Project-based work that can be provided “a la carte” includes:

  • Video scripting, shooting, narration and editing;
  • Website design and development;
  • Custom website tools and applications, such as searchable staff directories;
  • Writing, design, photography and layout for print and electronic publications;
  • Social media strategy and support;
  • Logo designs and/or rebranding campaigns;
  • Capital project and/or budget vote communications;
  • Exit surveys and communication audits;
  • Presentations and workshops on communication topics;
  • Crisis communications; and
  • Facilitation for public engagement meetings (some limitations apply).