Special Education Support

High-quality professional development, coaching and support for educators

Special education teachers wear many hats—serving as both educators and advocates for their students with disabilities and other special needs.

Proper training and ongoing support is essential. Without it, special education teachers may find themselves lacking in resources to “do it all,” unfamiliar with new laws and standards related to the field, and unable to effectively provide the structure and specialized instruction their students need to learn, grow and thrive.

We provide high-quality professional development, coaching and targeted support to help build educators’ capacity to support students within their special education programs and the general education setting, too. 

Our team is ready to work with your staff on supporting students through focused, standards-based instruction to help students reach their full potential.

Special Education Supports We Offer

Special Education Coaching Support

Coaching offers teachers scaffolded support to help develop new habits of mind and approach the creation and delivery of content and instruction with a more inclusive and equitable lens. This may include co-teaching or self-contained instructional coaching support.

Targeted Teacher Support

Targeted supports help teachers develop new habits of mind around data-driven decision-making and how to implement standards-based instruction. Support may include student-centered coaching cycles. For example, support may include six-week student-centered coaching cycles, data analysis and facilitation of data team review cycles.

Professional Development

Workshops and professional development offer timely information around high-impact practices, understanding and implementing rigorous standards-based instruction, and keeping current with regulations around implementing Individual Education Plans (IEPs). This may include a focus on specially designed instruction; IEP development, goal writing and progress monitoring; co-teaching models and the prioritization of a standards-based curriculum.

Expected outcomes include improved student growth scores, high-impact teaching practices and the development of students’ work-ready skills.

What To Expect

  • Support services. Get the help educators need to serve each unique learner through focused standards-based instruction.
  • A variety of trainings. Choose from targeted, embedded coaching for teachers and teams, workshops and professional development opportunities.
  • Stay up-to-date. We’ll help educators stay current with regulations so they can best support the implementation and development of each student’s Individual Education Plans (IEP). 

How It Works

  • Contact us. Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Get started.
  • See results. Expected outcomes include improved student growth scores, high-impact teaching practices and the development of students’ work-ready skills.

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