Special Education Support

Students with diagnosed disabilities and other special needs benefit when teachers provide the support and structures to help them reach their fullest potential. Often special education teachers do not get the support and training necessary to provide this level structure and instruction to students.

Special education teachers need to stay current with regulations on Individual Education Plans (IEP) to support them with implementation and development of these plans.

Our Educational Support Services team can work with your staff on how to best support your student with disabilities and other needs through focused standards-based instruction.

Expected outcomes include improved student growth scores, high impact teaching practices and the development of work ready skills. 

Support for districts can include: 

Special Education Coaching Support

  • Co-teach instructional coaching support and/or:
  • Self contained instructional coaching support.

Targeted Teacher Support

  • Six-week student-center coaching cycles to support instruction.
  • Data analysis and facilitation of data team review cycles.

Professional Development

  • Specially designed instruction.
  • IEP development.
  • IEP goal writing and progress monitoring.
  • Co-Teach models.
  • Prioritized standards based curriculum.