Labor Relations

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School districts are tasked not only with ensuring their students’ needs are met but also employee labor relation needs.

It can be a challenge to stay up-to-date on current labor laws and regulations. The risk of misinterpretation can lead to increased financial stress, poor relations with unions, costly claims, and litigation. And these are just a few of the challenges organizations face!

With over 50 years of combined experience in all aspects of labor relations, our team offers access to the help you need while also saving you money through our shared-service model. Rest assured, the expertise and resources we have on our team in education, technology, cybersecurity, and more will help navigate the problems you face.

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Cost-Saving Expertise, From Start to Finish

Participating organizations can expect as much help as is needed within the following areas. 

Administrator Training

Training administrators in the proper use of progressive discipline is crucial. The training we will provide to your administrative team includes the proper use of verbal counseling, written counseling memos and the formal discipline process. Our goal is to help you establish consistently applied work rules while maintaining positive labor relations.

Compliance with Employment-Related Statutes and Regulations

Daily, school district administrators must be aware of their obligations to comply with a long list of federal and state statutes and regulations that govern the employment relationship, including but not limited to employment discrimination laws, wage and hour laws, and accommodation and safety requirements. We are here to help with this obligation.

Contract Administration

When disagreements arise concerning the interpretation or application of a collective bargaining agreement, we will be available to coordinate your position and represent it through the entire grievance procedure.

Contract Negotiations

A core element of this service, we’ll provide at-the-table representation of school districts during collective bargaining — from developing original proposals through the agreement’s ratification.

This may include the following:

  • Preparation for negotiations, including research of comparable districts’ contracts. In fact, with a database archive of over 800 contracts, we are equipped to analyze data in the areas of contract settlements, salary and healthcare comparisons and provide suggestions for contract language.
  • Meetings with Board of Education to discuss goals of negotiations.
  • Preparation of district’s proposals.
  • Analysis of union’s proposals and preparation of counter-proposals.
  • Facilitation of discussions between the district’s negotiations team.
  • Service as district’s chief spokesperson during actual negotiating sessions.
  • Upon reaching an agreement, facilitation of drafting and ratification of the new agreement.

Discipline and Discharge


Thorough investigative services into employee misconduct issues are critical. We have experience investigating many issues, including sexual harassment complaints, teacher/student disputes, teacher/parent disputes, internal worker disputes and more.

Civil Service Law §75 and Just Cause Arbitration Hearings

We will handle all aspects of the investigation and prosecution of Civil Service Law §75 hearings and just cause disciplinary hearings, including investigation, drafting of charges, settlement negotiations, and, if needed, prosecution of the disciplinary case.

Education Law §3020-a

We provide investigative services for tenured teacher and tenured administrator misconduct. This includes full investigations, settlement discussions, and, if needed, drafting suggested charges for consideration. Prosecution of §3020-a charges can be managed through our Legal Service IMA.

Student Discipline Hearing Officer

For student disciplinary hearings held pursuant to Education Law §3214, we will provide hearing officers and assist you in preparing and presenting evidence in these hearings.

Taylor Law Compliance

Whether the Taylor Law issue is an improper practice charge or a question concerning the proper unit placement of a particular position, we can represent you before the Public Employment Relations Board at all stages of the case – preparation of pleadings, informal conference, and formal hearing.

Contact us today to gain the benefits of legal expertise at a price you can afford and the confidence you need to handle complex labor relations issues.

What to Expect

  • Legal Expertise – Our team includes an experienced attorney so you can get the benefits of a legal expert at a price you can afford, and the confidence you need to handle complex labor relations issues.
  • Service to Meet Your Needs – We will provide custom-tailored solutions specifically designed to meet your needs.
  • Peace of Mind – We will do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on other key educational priorities.

How it Works

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