Helpful Definitions


Any activity or program provided as described in an approved application that is supported by funds in the service section of a BOCES budget. There may be a number of identifiable elective functions with any given service.


Cooperative service agreements for every BOCES service, whether aidable or not, must be filed and approved by the State Education Department (SED) before the shared service is provided.

Shared Service

A service in which two or more school districts participate. Sharing is a requirement in order for the cost of a service to be eligible for BOCES Aid.

Note: Under certain conditions, aid may be generated for SED-approved performance programs with artists and organizations when requested only by a single school district.

Itinerant Service

BOCES staff members shared between school districts. Certified, licensed and specialty support personnel are available. This service can be received at the local school, a BOCES site or a neutral location. It can be provided at certain hours each day, certain days each week or certain periods during a school year.

Related Service

Related services are delivered to students in BOCES Special Education classes per their Individual Education Plans (IEP). These services are provided within classes to supplement the classroom program. Examples include occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Note there is a separate charge for each related service.