Language Translation and Interpretation Service

Through partnerships with language services vendors, the Engagement and Development Services Division connects school districts with high-quality, professional translators and interpreters who can assist them with communicating with students and families in their native languages.

Document translation, in-person and virtual (video-remote and/or over-the-phone) interpretation and CART service options are available in hundreds of languages including American Sign Language (ASL). Districts subscribing to this service pay a base fee for access to value-added offerings such as templates and document samples that can be used “as is” or customized based on district needs.

Districts can take advantage of on-demand services or schedule future requests through direct access to vendor scheduling platforms, or they can opt for our coordination of services option, with a BOCES staff member assigned to handle the scheduling of all district requests.

Either way, BOCES staff will assist districts in getting started with vendors and handle all billing, providing districts with usage details as needed. More importantly, Capital Region BOCES’s contracts with translation vendors ensure that participating districts are in compliance with HIPAA and Ed Law 2d requirements and that all interpreters and translators have been properly vetted.