Leverage the power of ongoing coaching to improve instruction

School district leaders know they need to help educators and school leaders continually develop their professional skills and practices to improve instruction effectively.

However, most districts can’t provide coaching to the degree that it will directly and immediately impact student performance. As a result, the practice of applying a “one and done” approach to professional development typically takes hold. 

These sessions often do not have long-term implications, nor are they tailored to meet the specific needs of teachers and administrators. Often, individuals are excited to learn new strategies in this setting but may leave without a clear understanding of how to put them into practice.  

Ongoing professional development informed by data specific to the topic or student group and tailored to the unique needs of teachers and administrators is more apt to result in real change. 

Studies show that embedded professional development grounded in day-to-day teaching practice is most beneficial.

Our coaching supports: 

  • Employ research-based, high-impact strategies tailored to the needs of each instructional team.
  • Develop new habits of mind and result in lasting growth for staff and students.
  • Meet the needs of general education teachers, special education teachers and current or aspiring school leaders.

Coaching Services

We offer coaching for leaders, general education teachers and special education teachers.

Embedded Instructional Coaching 

This takes place in-district, year-round—one, two or three days per week and may include:

  • Professional development around instructional strategies, standards and/or curriculum.
  • Collaboration with teachers to design and support student-centered coaching cycles.
  • Analysis of instructional data.
  • Facilitating data team review cycles.

Targeted Instructional Coaching 

This takes place in six-week student-centered coaching cycles and may include:

  • Summer teacher support with curriculum development and instructional planning.
  • Data analysis improvement cycles to inform instructional practices using New York state, internal and benchmark assessments.

Special Education Coaching 

This coaching offers teachers scaffolded support to foster development of new habits of mind and to approach the creation and delivery of content and instruction with a more inclusive and equitable lens. This may include coaching for co-teaching or self-contained instruction.

Instructional Coaching for Leaders

Our targeted support for school leaders around curriculum, instruction and pedagogy supports instructional leadership.

What to Expect

  • A variety of coaching supports. Our coaches meet with district contacts to review data and set up data-driven cycles with identified individuals. A coach may be assigned within a district at an agreed full-time equivalent (FTE) for the full year, or the coach may work with a district for shorter, targeted support.
  • Progress monitoring. Once the teacher/group of teachers or administrators is set, the coach will meet with them to set the coaching cycle’s intended instructional goals and action steps.
  • A focus on results. The coach will work with the teacher/administrator to implement the action plan through professional development and modeling, focusing on teacher/student growth.

How It Works

  • Contact us. Call or email us to discuss your needs and we’ll work with you to tailor our solutions. 
  • Get started. Tap into the expertise of our coaching and data teams.
  • Be ready. Be confident that your instructional team is receiving the dedicated training and support to grow as professionals and to best support students’ learning and achievement.

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