Instructional coaches bring high-quality, evidence-based professional development to teachers and school leaders to support their efforts to improve students’ growth and learning. 

Service options include: 

Embedded Instructional Coaching 

Coach is in district year-round—one, two or three days per week.

  • Develop and implement professional development around instructional strategies, standards and/or curriculum.
  • Collaborate with teachers to design and support student-centered coaching cycles.
  • Analyze instructional data and facilitate data team review cycles.

Targeted Instructional Coaching 

  • Six-week student-centered coaching cycles.
  • Summer teacher support with curriculum development and instructional planning.
  • Data analysis improvement cycles to inform instructional practices using NYS, internal, and benchmark assessments.

Special Education Coaching 

  • Co-teach instructional coaching support and/or;
  • Self contained instructional coaching support 

Instructional Coaching for Leaders

  • Targeted support for leaders around curriculum, instruction and pedagogy designed to support instructional leadership.

Women’s Executive Coaching 

Programs are designed to strengthen women’s authentic leadership voice and create a clear plan of action for development areas.

Programs are designed to create a pipeline of women for educational leadership positions. Sitting superintendents would benefit, as well as teachers, principals, directors, and assistant superintendents.

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