Business Partners

Strong business and education partnerships enable the Capital Region Career & Technical School to prepare its students for the workplace of today and tomorrow.

Through the Capital Region BOCES CTE Business Advisory Committee, faculty and staff work hand-in-hand with area business leaders to ensure the skills they seek in employees is being taught in CTE classrooms.

Additionally, through these partnerships, students are offered work-based learning opportunities that allows them to learn real world skills in a real world setting. 

Business Advisory Committee

Each program offered at Capital Region BOCES CTE has an advisory committee that consists of business and higher education partners.

These committees meet at least twice a year to inform and enrich curriculum and instruction. Business partners assist by serving as guest speakers and providing real-world demonstrations, field trips and work-based learning opportunities. 

These connections give students access to work-based learning opportunities that allow them to experience hands-on skills in a real world setting. Students and alumni also gain valuable opportunities for job exploration, shadowing, internships, apprenticeship and part- and full-time employment.