Educational Equity

Training and support to create more equitable school communities where all students can thrive.

In partnership with consultants, educators will learn, grow and work to transform their school communities into empowering spaces where all students can thrive.

As educators, we strive to provide every student the high-quality education they deserve.

Yet we know that inequities that exist across race, social class, income, gender, size, religion, disability, sexual orientation and immigration status, among others, can permeate our schools and educational practices. Without a dedicated effort to counter these influences, their impact can be negative and far-reaching for students and their families, as well as our school communities.

By engaging in the work of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), school communities will look critically at their own practices, and face the historically rooted and systemic issues that create inequity in education.

Recognizing and addressing inequitable treatment and a lack of opportunity, access and resources are the first steps toward supporting all students fairly. Knowing how to get started with this important work, however, can be difficult. No matter where you are in the process, we’re here to help.

In partnership with outside consultants, educators and other educational staff will learn, grow and work to transform their school communities into empowering spaces where all students can thrive. 

The following supports are available and can be customized to meet each district’s unique needs.

Equity audits and climate studies to identify areas for improvement.

Experts from Tangible Development will analyze your district’s current state to establish a baseline, measure progress and develop a targeted and actionable strategic plan for the work ahead.

Training and coaching to inspire equitable and inclusive teaching and learning environments.

In partnership with educational specialists in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), such as Tangible Development, Progression Partners and Generation Ready we will offer support and training in a variety of areas.

  • Understand and manage implicit bias. Implicit biases are the unconscious, learned associations about individuals or groups shaped by culture and a person’s individual experiences. We can provide training to create an awareness of personal biases, and offer tools and best practices to identify biases in action and mitigate their effects.
  • Creating gender inclusive spaces. Transgender and gender non-conforming (GNC) youth face challenges at home, at school, in foster care, and in juvenile justice systems that can lead to safety concerns and significantly lower grades. This training will provide a new way of thinking about gender and provide support in meeting state education department guidance to best serve transgender and gender non-conforming (GNC) students.
  • Communications training. The words and images you use matter. We can work with your staff to develop processes and an awareness of tools and methods that is socially conscious and sensitive to the needs of diverse stakeholders, so that all audiences feel heard and included.

Job-embedded professional development and support.

On-going training and support from our partners will help school leaders, teachers and staff learn how to equitably serve all students and to ensure that the change they put in play is lasting. Topics may include developing culturally-responsive and inclusive leaders.   

Contact us today to get started on this important work. Together, we can create a culture of belonging and inclusiveness for all.

What to Expect

  • An expert partner. Our relationships with educational specialists in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) offer customized support and services to meet the specific needs of schools district with measurable outcomes resulting in sustainable change.
  • Dedicated effort and continuous evaluation. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is critically important and requires hard work and continuous evaluation to ensure that organizational efforts are timely and relevant.
  • Learning and development. You will receive ongoing, job-embedded training and supports to help create an equitable environment where everyone belongs.

How it Works

  • Contact Us. We are here to help, no matter where you are on the path to greater diversity, equity and inclusion. Reach out to us today to discuss your challenges.
  • Get Started. Our partners are ready to help design customized solutions that meet your needs and will lead to long-lasting change in your school community.
  • Transform. Be a part of the transformation as you achieve your diversity, equity and inclusion goals so all students can thrive.

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