Shared Food Service

Save Money and Get More Students to Eat School Meals 

student stands at a register with her school lunch tray
We can can save your school district money while providing quality, cost-conscious meal options for your students.

Research shows that students who eat well tend to do better in school.

However, feeding hundreds or thousands of students each day with nutritious and affordable meals can be overwhelming and costly. Doing this well requires a level of expertise and dedication that can be difficult to achieve alone.

We take managing a school meal program off a school districts’ plate by managing all aspects of the district’s food service program. We build on best practices, source local ingredients and offer affordable meals that please both children and adults alike. In addition, we meet state and federal regulations.

State grant funding has allowed us to scale the farm-to-school aspect of our service and update the equipment in many of the schools we serve. We partner with more than a dozen farms and producers, from Long Island to the Canadian border, to offer farm-fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products and other wholesome foods daily in participating schools. 

Let us help you provide the healthy meals your students need to grow and thrive—in their studies and in life. As a result, we’ll save you time and money while providing quality, cost-conscious meal options. 

What To Expect  

Supervision and Management

You may choose to share an experienced food service director with other participating districts. As a result, you’ll get the dedicated supervision you need while also saving money on employee benefits. 

Healthier School Meals Students Want to Buy

A dietitian will provide careful consideration of national food safety standards, child health and nutrition, and budgetary constraints. As a result, this helps ensure wholesome choices are regularly available to students and staff.

Farm to School 

You’ll be in close contact with our farm-to-school coordinator, who focuses on improving access to local foods in schools. For instance, they will build relationships with small farmers who may not have the means to access a distributor.  

Connecting the Cafeteria to the Classroom

Participating school districts will have access to our staff dietitian who can help facilitate classroom instruction about nutrition or work with sports teams to discuss proper nutrition for athletes. In addition, our staff dietitian and farm to school coordinator will work closely to create a food service program that not only provides quality food but a connection to where our food comes from. This may include Harvest of the Month, taste tests, and New York Thursdays.

Free and Reduced Price Meal Application Coordination 

We are committed to handling what you know can be the time-consuming task of coordinating free and reduced meal applications and reporting. For example, we’ll take care of the following: 

  • Provide assistance to families interested in applying for free and reduced-priced meals.
  • Handle downloads for students who are directly certified by the state for free meals.
  • Reach out to families of students who have negative balances.
  • Follow-up with families, so applications are kept up-to-date.
  • Process free and reduced-price applications.

Save Money with Cooperative Buying

Save money with group purchasing power! You’ll get access to foods that are healthy and affordable. Our farm-to-school program allows you to incorporate locally-sourced fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, grains and more into your meals. As an added bonus, you’ll realize a greater reimbursement—up to 25 cents per meal—under the state’s incentive for districts who source at least 30 percent of ingredients from New York farms and producers. 

How it Works

  • Contact Us – We’ll listen to your challenges and explain how we can help.
  • Get Started – Once you sign up for service, we’ll start working to provide the expertise and supports you need so you can focus on your students’ educational programs.
  • See Results – See an increase in students buying and eating school meals with more locally-sourced ingredients.  


“Our biggest challenge prior to joining Regional Food Service Management was a limited set of food offerings and options for students and staff, resulting in limited participation. Things have changed with the support of the service. The shift in atmosphere around the program has been noticeable and we are encouraged for the coming year.”
-Dr. Timothy Mundell, Berne-Knox-Westerlo Central School District Superintendent

Sample Clients 
  • Berne-Knox Westerlo School District
  • Cohoes City School District 
  • Fort Edward Central School District
  • Johnstown Central School District
  • Niskayuna Central School District
  • Schoharie Central School District  
  • Tech Valley High School
  • Watervliet City School District 

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