Shared Food Service

Save Money and Get More Students To Eat School Meals 

Nutrition has been proven to affect students’ thinking skills, behavior and all factors that impact academic performance. Yet, providing nutritious meals to thousands of students daily can pose challenges in both costs and logistics. Achieving this effectively demands expertise and commitment that may be burdensome for schools to handle independently.

Our solution alleviates the strain on school districts by assuming complete management of their food service program. We specialize in implementing proven strategies, incorporating locally sourced ingredients, and delivering budget-friendly meals that satisfy the palates of both students and adults. Moreover, our services ensure strict adherence to state and federal regulations, guaranteeing compliance at every stage.

What to Expect

Supervision and Management
We can provide you an experienced five-day food service director for your district. Or, depending on the size of your needs, you can choose to share one with other participating districts. With either choice, you’ll get the dedicated supervision you need while also saving money on employee benefits.

Healthier School Meals That Will Appeal to Students
A dietitian will provide careful consideration of national food safety standards, child health and nutrition, and budgetary constraints. As a result, this helps ensure wholesome choices are regularly available to students and staff.

CEP Coordination and Maintenance
We are committed to handling what you know can be the time-consuming task of coordinating free and reduced meal applications and reporting. For example, we’ll take care of the following:

    • Provide assistance to families interested in applying for free and reduced priced meals.
    • Handle downloads for students who are directly certified by the state for free meals.
    • Reach out to families of students who have negative balances.
    • Process free and reduced-price applications.
    • Review of CEP eligibility annually.

Cooperative Buying Power
Save money with group purchasing power! You’ll get access to foods that are healthy and affordable. Our program allows you to incorporate locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, grains and more into your meals. You also have the option to develop a more robust Farm-to-School program for your district.

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