Ready to Learn

Level: Elementary and Middle School (center-based programs)
Recommended Ratio: Elementary and Middle School (K-8) 4:1:2

Students in this program:

  • have one or more mental health diagnoses.
  • may have experienced frequent psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • usually have a significant history of trauma.
  • present with significant difficulty with self-regulation.
  • demonstrate significant difficulty establishing and maintaining relationships and significant difficulty with adult authority and classroom routines.
  • have difficulty with transitions and have significant delays in social emotional development.
  • may exhibit aggressive and/or explosive behavior.
  • struggle academically because of their unavailability for learning due to their mental health needs.
  • ultimately they could be working toward a Regents diploma, local diploma or Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS).
  • benefit from frequent pre-sets and changes in activities.
  • requires highly intensive staff/student ratio to serve management needs. 
  • requires a highly structured environment for learning, including counseling, availability of a crisis team, areas for de-escalation and mental health support within the school community.