Autism Spectrum Disorder

Level: Elementary, Middle, and High School (center-based programs)
Recommended Ratio: Elementary, Middle, and High School 6:1:2 or 8:1:2

Classrooms are center-based, use the TEACCH methodology and have embedded OT and speech services.

This program is designed for students:

  • who are on the Autism Spectrum or have a similar profile.
  • who demonstrate difficulty in self-regulation and behavior management.
  • who have delays in speech and language, motor development, and social emotional development.
  • who may be eligible for the New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA).
  • who demonstrate difficulty and significant delays in self-care and daily living skills.
  • who have significant difficulty generalizing skills from one setting to another.
  • who benefit from a highly structured classroom environment with a classroom management plan that is based on positive behavioral strategies.
  • who may require a Behavior Improvement Plan (BIP) or an Intensive Crisis Management Plan (ICMP).
  • who require explicit instruction in pro-social and academic skills.
  • who benefit from frequent pre-sets and changes in activities.
  • who require intense speech and language consultation and OT integrated into the classroom.
  • who may require support from a school social worker.
  • who require Explicit Systematic Direct Instruction (ESDI) in all instructional domains.

Daily data collection and analysis is an integral part of this classroom.