Deaf and Hard of Hearing (K-12)

Level: Elementary, Middle and High School (district-based programs)
Recommended Ratio: 6:1:2, 8:1:2 and 12:1:2

Students in this program:

  • meet the criteria to be identified as Deaf or Hard of Hearing.
  • may use personal amplification and/or cochlear implants. Total communication is used; Phonic Ear is being phased out.
  • can be mainstreamed in general education classes for academic, social and vocational training, as appropriate.
  • participate in all New York State regular grade-level assessments or the NYSAA. High school students in this program are eligible for the New York State Regents diploma, local high school diploma, CDOS credential and the SACC.
  • are placed together regardless of their diploma or credential type, because the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students all have common language needs and can benefit from heterogeneous groupings.