Arts and Enrichment – Odyssey of the Mind/MasterMinds

Odyssey of the Mind

Students learn how to think divergently by answering open-ended problems in a team setting. Embedded in the process are the skills necessary for student readiness for careers and colleges such as creativity, innovation, problem-solving, critical thinking, global awareness, interpersonal and collaborative skills, self-direction and adaptability.

Our Region 7 Odyssey of the Mind Service: 

  • Instructs school coaches about the program;
  • Trains volunteers to judge the competition; and 
  • Produces the annual regional tournament.

Membership in the state and national organizations is required for participation in this service. 


MasterMinds is a fast-paced, questions-and-answer academic competition for high school students (formerly the GE College Bowl). School membership in regional leagues is coordinated through this service.