Arts and Enrichment – Odyssey of the Mind/MasterMinds

Odyssey of the Mind

Students learn how to think divergently by answering open-ended problems in a team setting. Embedded in the process are the skills necessary for student readiness for careers and colleges such as creativity, innovation, problem-solving, critical thinking, global awareness, interpersonal and collaborative skills, self-direction and adaptability.

Our Region 7 Odyssey of the Mind Service: 

  • Instructs school coaches about the program;
  • Trains volunteers to judge the competition; and 
  • Produces the annual regional tournament.

Membership in the state and national organizations is required for participation in this service. 


MasterMinds is a fast-paced, questions-and-answer academic competition for high school students (formerly the GE College Bowl). School membership in regional leagues is coordinated through this service. 

Arts and Enrichment Forms and Resources for School Districts