School Improvement Services

Services and support systems to help educators improve student outcomes

Educators strive to provide every student the high-quality education they need and deserve to thrive. 

To do so, educators need effective, data-informed ways of assessing who their learners are and the unique issues and needs they may have that impact their ability to learn effectively. Unfortunately, a lack of training and practice in interpreting and using student data leaves educators without a clear roadmap to support their learners in achieving their best potential.

Our school improvement services offer educators dedicated opportunities to work together to improve outcomes for all students. 

Key Areas Of Focus

Data Services

We’ll assist in creating, improving and sustaining a culture of data-driven decision making through protocols, common language and goal setting. We’ll tailor services for administrative teams, data teams, departments and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to collect and analyze data through a systematic, evidence-based approach.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Support

We’ll customize reports to ease analysis enhanced with relevant supplemental data to provide greater depth of understanding. Analysis of data with individuals or teams. Designing and facilitating Level 1 Addendum, SCEP and DCIP root cause analysis and action planning. Supporting districts to meet requirements for ESSA designations.

School Review (Needs Assessments)

We’ll design and facilitate school reviews and/or needs assessments to identify focus areas. We will identify needed supports for instructional leaders and establish systems for school review processes to drive improvement.

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What to Expect

  • Collaboration. Educators will Opportunities for educators to work together to improve outcomes for all students.
  • Planning. Development of districtwide systems, processes and protocols for root cause, data cycles, analysis, action-planning and continuous improvement. 
  • Results. Improve outcomes for all students. 

How It Works

  • Contact us. Call or email us to discuss your needs. 
  • Get started. Together, we’ll develop district wide systems, processes and protocols for root cause, data cycles, analysis, action planning and continuous improvement.
  • See results. Improve outcomes for all students. 

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