Adult Welding Grads Have Bright Future Ahead

Recent graduates of our adult Welding and Metal Fabrication program have ensured bright futures for themselves in a “hot” job market.  Graduates include those looking to gain promotion at their current job, others who had found college just wasn’t for them, and still others looking for a hands-on career. Congratulations to our June 2021 adult …

Adult HVAC/R Grads Heat Up Their Future

Recent graduates of our 10-month adult Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) program have “turned up the heat” on their futures. The program, offered regularly at our Albany Career & Technical School campus, offers learners the skills and connections they need to get a good start or promotion in this growing and in-demand industry. …

Thanks For Our Teachers

This year, National Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 2 through May 8. While we take this time each year to say a special “thank you,” we are grateful every day for our teachers and the skills, knowledge, creativity and caring they bring to their work in support of our students. As schools throughout the …

2021-22 Programs & Services 

Our 2021-22 programs and services include the “tried and true” along with new services designed for the times we’re living.

From Molding Minds To Molding Metal

A move back east from the West Coast sparked a desire in Laura Kessler to give a new career a try—metal fabrication.

Plugging Into The Electrical Trades

Our Residential Electrical/Electrical Trades course makes “good sense” for adult learner Kevin Felton.

Sterile Processing Grad “Cleans Up” With New Career

Rosa Friere, who had been working as a certified nurse assistant, decided to take our Sterile Processing Technician program because she was looking “for a change” “I had no idea that sterile processing existed,” said Friere during a recent interview. “Once I learned about it, I thought it would be pretty cool to work on …

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