Statewide “Regional Impact Award” Recognizes Our Innovative Shared Services

Elementary-age girl with a full lunch tray stops to pay for her meal at a self-serve keypad.
Shared services, such as Regional Food Service Management, offer creative, cost-effective solutions that help districts maximize their resources, solve problems and expand opportunities for students.

Recently, our Shared Transportation, Regional Food Service Management and Pharmacy Purchasing Coalition services were honored with the New York Department of State’s “Regional Impact Award” for the significant benefits these projects offer local school districts.

Members of our Management and Administrative services teams accepted the award from New York Secretary of State Rossana Rosado during the Nov. 15 kick-off of this year’s Local Government Innovation Conference at the State Capitol in Albany.

“Our goal with all of our services is to help schools achieve a level of quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness that wouldn’t be possible alone,” said BOCES’ Senior Executive Officer Joseph P. Dragone, Ph.D. “These services are a few shining examples of how collaborating and sharing improve quality, cost-efficiency and return on investment for the districts we serve. I am proud of our Management and Administrative Services team and honored that we’ve received this recognition.”