From Diagnosing Cars to Diagnosing People

Auto Trades student Kishaun Sookdowar, who has dark brown hair and is wearing a grey and bright blue uniform top and black face covering, stands at a poduim in a front a white hybrid vehicle in an automotive garage, and speaks into a microphone.
High School Senior Kishaun Sookdowar plans to shift after graduation from diagnosing and repairing vehicles, skills honed in our Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES), to learning to diagnose and help cure human ailments.

Kishaun Sookdowar, a standout in our Automotive Youth Educational System (AYES) program, can diagnose a rattle in an engine or a shimmy in the drive shaft. But, the Schenectady High School senior hopes to be diagnosing and helping cure something a little more serious in the coming years—bone fractures, tumors and more.

“Cars are something my brother and I have always loved—working on them, figuring out how things works, diagnosing problems and making them go faster,” he said. “My sister’s love of pharmacology, though, has led me to an interest in medicine.”

“Medicine has always intrigued me with the human body. I want to learn more and be able to diagnose problems and help people,” Sookdowar added.

After graduating in June, Sookdowar plans to attend Hudson Valley Community College to earn the prerequisite credits necessary to pursue a degree in medicine, specifically radiology.

Despite the shift in career pursuits, Sookdowar said the career and technical school program has prepared him well for life and given him the skills necessary to succeed in whatever career he chooses.

“Personally, I can say I have not only learned how to repair vehicles, but I have learned how to balance my life and make the most rational choices for my future. This is thanks to the trio of amazing instructors who everyday make this class an environment where each and every student has the opportunity to learn and grow,” he said referring to teachers Scott Tessier, Brian LaCroix and Teaching Assistant Scott Hamel.

He also said he has learned the value of critical thinking.

“We here at Capital Region BOCES strive not only for excellence but also discipline in our practices. Knowing why something is needed is what I believe to be most important in what we learn,” he said.

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