Cooperative Virtual Learning Academy Secondary School

Secondary School for Grades 7-12

The CVLA Secondary School is a virtual learning option, providing synchronous and asynchronous instruction by highly qualified NYS certified teachers, and allows for a full schedule of coursework. The principal and school counselor of CVLA’s secondary school work together with families and home districts to help ensure students are not only meeting graduation requirements, but are receiving the support needed to thrive. All students are expected to engage both in live, synchronous meets, as well as to complete asynchronous work, all made possible through the devices issued to students from their home districts.

Student Support

We believe students see and feel success when they have access to both the resources and support needed in order to be successful. While students remain the responsibility of their home districts, we realize it can be challenging to meet the needs of students not attending in person.

With support and monitoring by CVLA’s own principal and school counselor, we are able to ensure that concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently, considering individual student needs and mental health. Our principal and school counselor work collaboratively with the home district, teachers, students and families to ensure thorough and frequent communication.

An intake meeting, scheduled when a new student registers, with the student, parent, CVLA principal and school counselor, as well as the home district school counselor ensures that the student’s academic needs are being met, virtual expectations are outlined, and the unique and individual needs of the student are being considered and addressed.

Through close monitoring & frequent check ins, as well as thorough and consistent communication, our CVLA 7-12 school counselor is able to address the social/emotional needs of students enrolled in the program.

The Cooperative Virtual Learning Academy works closely with home districts to ensure student programming needs are met including IEP, 504 & ELL.


Our school counselor works with the student, parent(s), and home district school counselor to provide a schedule to meet the student’s needs, as well as meet graduation requirements.

In addition to offering core courses for students, CVLA also has the ability to enrich their students’ education experience with courses from Distance Learning to provide a wide variety of electives including AP, honors and college-level courses.

District Officials – Elements of Service:

  • Districts may contribute NYS certified teachers to virtually teach individual course sections. Those teachers remain employed and evaluated by their home district.
  • Home districts work with CVLA throughout the year to collaboratively support the personal/social, academic, and emotional domains
  • Districts provide and support the technology needs for their shared students
  • Each class follows the host district’s calendar. For example:
    • If a student is taking a class from District A, which is closed on March 17, the class would not run on March 17.
    • A student is taking classes from Districts A, B & C. If District B has a snow day on January 20, the class hosted by District B would not run on January 20. However, if Districts A & C are not closed on January 20, classes from Districts A & C would still run on their normal schedule.
  • Families commit for the year
  • Districts remain responsible for providing support services for students with IEPs, 504 plans, ELL needs & related services

Virtual Models in CVLA Grades 7-12

  1. For existing DL schools: Course sections will be taught by the hosting district’s instructor from a typical Distance Learning classroom or smaller DL huddle space (with or without in-person students in the classroom). Remote students will participate from individual devices.
  2. For existing or new DL schools: All students and the instructor of the course section will participate from individual devices. In this model, the instructor can teach from his/her individual device from anywhere at the district’s direction (a dedicated space within the district, from home, etc.), as long as there is a strong, steady internet connection.

How to participate:

Districts will subscribe to a base distance learning service through either NERIC or the district’s local BOCES, depending on how the program is delivered in that region.