Cooperative Virtual Learning Academy Virtual Guidelines and Expectations

Virtual Learning Guidelines and Expectations

The following information is designed to help ensure all students receive the highest level of instruction in the remote setting.

Attendance: Be Ready

  • Google Meets will be on a set schedule. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Sign-in to your Google Meets, on-time, each day.
  • While in class, students must have their cameras turned on to promote the highest level of interaction between teachers and peers
  • Cameras should remain on for the duration of the class and students need to be ready to actively participate.
  • Charge your device each evening or keep it plugged in.

School Work Setting/Learning Location

  • Students should have a space where they can work effectively. This could be a desk or a table.
  • To the extent possible, students should be working in a location with limited distractions. Remove all distractions (phone, games, other assignments).
  • Have a pencil, capped water bottle and all necessary supplies that you need for that specific class in your learning location.
  • Be dressed and ready for school, just as you would in a classroom.
  • Turn in work on time. Individual teachers/teams will post their specific requirements regarding the consequences for late work.

Be Responsible and Resourceful

  • Follow (read/reread) directions and complete assignments to the best of your ability.
  • Mute your microphone unless you are addressing the class.
  • The Chat Box should only be used for questions or clarification regarding the lesson that is happening with the teacher and class. 
  • Speak and type clearly.
  • Try your best to be a problem solver. Is there another way to approach the problem? Where can you look for more information? Can you skip this and come back to it?
  • After you have tried to solve the problem on your own, ask for help. Who can you ask for help? Who might have the answer to your problem?

Be Safe, Kind and Respectful

  • Wash your hands before using your device.
  • No food around your device.
  • Use your device for school purposes only.
  • Do not share passwords or personal information online.
  • Respect others’ wishes; if they do not want to be photographed or recorded, don’t.
  • Take turns, raise your hand (or use the hand raise button), practice full body listening.
  • Use kind words, be polite and considerate to your peers, your teachers and yourself.

Google Meet Etiquette

Students will participate and receive direct instruction in virtual classes or meetings via Google Meets. Participation during video conferences is a great way to stay connected with teachers and classmates. It is important that Cooperative Virtual Learning Academy students follow these expectations to ensure that all students are able to fully engage and participate in virtual classes.

  • Be kind and considerate. Follow the same classroom rules that you would follow in an in-person classroom. Listen to the teacher. Take turns to speak. Respect others.
  • Be on time and remain in the Google Meet until the teacher dismisses you. Classes are scheduled just as they are during in-person school days. Teachers will expect you to arrive on time and remain present for the duration of the class. Attendance will be taken.
  • Remember that you are on camera and live. Your teacher and fellow students can see what you are wearing and your facial expression. Find a quiet place in your house and dress appropriately as you would for an in-person class.
  • Keep your camera on and be seen. Unless otherwise permitted by your teacher, remain visible by keeping your camera on.
  • Think before you speak. Stay on topic. Make sure your comments are clear and appropriate to the conversation. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in-person in a brick and mortar classroom.
  • Mute your microphone (mic). Keep your mic on mute until the teacher calls on you and it’s your turn to speak. This will reduce background noise.
  • Speak up! Physically raise your hand or use the Raise-Your-Hand feature and unmute your mic when the teacher calls on you and it’s your turn to speak. Use school appropriate language.
  • Remember you are not anonymous. Be mindful of your expressions, speaking tone and what you say. Your voice and video are viewed by everyone participating in the conference. Other people in your house can hear what you and others in the video conference are saying.
  • Do not use the chat feature with your class unless the teacher states it is okay to do so. When using the chat room, write using school appropriate language. Remember that the class meeting is public and a record of the chat is retained.
  • Think before you type. If your teacher enables the chat feature you may be able to participate by typing into a chatbox. Choose your words carefully. Use appropriate spelling and grammar. Stay on topic. Don’t use sarcasm or humor that could be misunderstood. Don’t type in all caps.