Airline Drive Academy

Serving Special Education Students in Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade  

Kindness and respect for all—what’s known as a “culture of care”—is at the heart of everything we do at Airline Drive Academy.


We provide quality educational programs for students in a safe and caring environment, allowing students with diverse needs to achieve their individual potential. Students receive direct/classroom-based instruction, as well as resource room and consultant teacher delivery models.

Instructional Classrooms

  • Pathways to Learning
  • Ready To Learn
  • New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA) 

Social-Emotional Resources for Parents and  Families

Social and emotional learning (SEL) gives children the tools they need to feel more safe, secure and confident. This helps them grow, mature and find more success in school and their daily lives. Resources are available to support the physical and mental health, behavioral and emotional needs of students.

Northern Rivers Student and Family Supports

Airline Drive Academy features a dedicated space for Northern Rivers, a New York State Office of Mental Health agency, which operates a school-based health service for students with social, emotional and behavioral needs. Having these practitioners and services on-site helps ease students’ access to these important and needed mental health supports.

Restorative Practice, In Practice

Our administrators, teachers and support staff have been trained by organizations such as Restorative Justice Education to help them build a culture of care at our school. This approach can be seen throughout the school—in the hallways, classrooms, on the playground and in the ways we support students through conflicts.

We continue to expand our knowledge of how to use restorative practices as both a way to build a culture that is welcoming to all and as an alternative to traditional and punitive approaches to discipline.

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