Capital Region BOCES students register for National Talent Hub

Capital Region BOCES took the first steps this week on launching the National Talent Hub.

Students in the Manufacturing and Machining Technology program enrolled in the hub, which is part of a nationwide strategy to grow the workforce in tech-based industries. The strategy helps to ensure the entire education system provides a skills-based pathway to careers and “learn and earn” opportunities through innovative registered apprenticeships.

The ultimate goal of the is to match students and adults with available jobs based on the training and skills they have gained through their education and work experience. 

National and regional leaders, including U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and BOCES Senior Executive Officer Joseph P. Dragone, Ph.D., announced the National Talent Hub——during a June 12 event at the Albany Nanotech Complex.

Capital Region BOCES was selected to roll-out of the hub before it expands state- and nationwide. 

Capital Region BOCES Counselor Nicole Almeida said the Manufacturing and Machining Technology students were selected to ‘pilot’ the program because the program closely aligns with the businesses that the National Institute for Innovation and Technology has worked with in creating the hub.

“The curriculum and goals of the program match the needs of the partners that have helped the institute create the talent hub,” Almeida said.

National Institute for Innovation and Technology Administrator Robert Weinman met with BOCES counselors and students on Dec. 5 to help with the registration process.

Each student spent 5 to 10 minutes enrolling in the hub, listing what training they have already completed and their work history.

“This hub will allow any individual, any student—of any shape, size, color or background—to have access to the talent hub free of charge to establish a profile that builds throughout their lifetime. Any type of training they take–CTE, college courses, professional development with an employer, the system will  automatically update the profile for employers to see,” Weinman said.

Once BOCES pilots the program, “we will then expand it to 24 school districts, 80,000 students in the region and then statewide with the help of Capital Region BOCES,” he said.