Technology Awareness Day 2021

The Northeastern Regional Information Center’s (NERIC) Regional Technology Awareness Day (Tech A-Day) is an annual event that brings together students, educators and vendor partners to highlight innovations in education technology and ways schools can use them to enhance instruction and streamline school district operations.

At our 2019 event, more than 500 students, educators, administrators and tech experts from school districts around the state were in attendance, with many presenting on innovative ways technology is impacting their learning, teaching and ability to collaborate meaningfully.

Building A Collaborative Community

Educators are invited to connect with their colleagues at NERIC’s 32nd Annual Tech A-Day, Friday, December 3, 2021 at the Albany Capital Center.

The theme of Awareness Day 2021 is The Collaborative Community and will focus on working together through suitable pedagogy, technology fluency, and support for one another. A collaborative community can help shift mindsets by leveraging technologies and innovation to provide our schools and students with new opportunities and models for learning.

Douglas Fisher, a professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University and a leader at Health Sciences High & Middle College, will deliver the keynote at this year’s event. Doug has engaged in Professional Learning Communities for several decades, building teams that design and implement systems to impact teaching and learning. He has published numerous books on teaching and learning, such as Assessment-Capable Visible Learners and Engagement by Design.

Register To Attend Tech A-Day 2021

Tech A-Day will showcase some of the cutting-edge education technology positively impacting education, and discuss ways schools can use technology to enhance instruction and streamline their district operations. Learn more and register to attend this year’s event.