Technician in Training- Strong Force, Inc.

Relevant CTE Program:

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Job Description:

The company is looking to hire entry-level technicians who have an interest in learning the trade and growing with the company.

Drug Policy: There are strict drug use restrictions for any personnel working on a power plant and as a result, all employees must refrain from all drug use and be able to pass random drug tests

Job Succession: There are 3 levels of technicians in the company: Technician in Training ($30/hr), Junior Technician ($50/hr), Senior Technician ($75/hr). Technicians advance based on mastery of specific skills and acquisition of experience. Advancement from Tech in Training to Junior Tech can happen fairly quickly. Advancement to Senior Tech is largely experienced based and will take much longer.

Travel Requirement
: Must be able to travel via air or ground to all 50 US states and remain at the job location for up to 30 days. Trips range from 3 days up to 30 days and the average is about a week. Preferably has or can obtain a passport. Must have a valid driver’s license.

Company Name:

Strong Force, Inc.

Application Deadline:

Not stated


Send resume and letter of interest to:
to or Fred Brooks at:

Skills Needed:

not stated

Age Requirement:

not stated

Certification Or Education Required:

not stated

Hourly Wage:

Wage: $30/hr plus overtime after 40 Travel Pay: $30/hr paid time travelling to and from a job location Per Diem: $65/day or published GSA rate for specific job location, whichever is higher – for meals and incidentals Travel Expenses: All travel expenses including air travel, ground transport, lodging, and other expenses are paid for by StrongForce


not stated


not stated

Full Time or Part Time:

Part Time