Maintenance Technician, entry-level

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Job Description:

The Maintenance Technicians are involved with maintenance and repair for all equipment in and outside of the building. This includes building maintenance, machine repairs, lighting system operation, some minor snow removal, tool making, parts repair, welding, fabrication, cleaning of parts, roofing maintenance, rigging machinery, maintenance of air lines and steam lines, electrical conduits, operation for fork trucks, lift trucks, skyjackers, cherry pickers along with working in conjunction with outside contractors. A fork truck license training is also required.

Company Name:

Cascades Containerboard Packaging - Schenectady

Application Deadline:

Not stated


Send resume to:
Jim Jocye, SPHR
HR Manager

Taylor Greklek
HR Assistant

Skills Needed:

Workers are bending, lifting, squatting, and even lying down on the cement floors when repairing machinery. Tight and narrow spaces must be gotten into for maintenance and repairs. Pulling on wrenches in narrow confined spaces is often required.

• Sitting: with two 20-minute breaks/lunch an average of about 40 minutes per shift.
• Standing: on average, depending upon job duties, 4 hours.
• Walking: on average, depending on job duties, 2 hours.
• Lifting: falls into the heavy physical demand level, 75 lbs. and under. There are lift devices for weights beyond 75 lbs. Hydraulic cylinders and motors that need to be maneuvered often are done so by hand and would fall into the heavy physical demand level.
• Kneeling: on a frequent basis.
• Climbing: on a frequent basis.
• Pushing/pulling: on machinery such as gear boxes and when mill changes are done, workers are required to push and pull with heavy physical demand forces.
• Heavy grasp: required at the frequent basis of both hands.
• Fine manipulation: at the frequent basis when repairing and working with small tools.
• Computer work: on an average of two hours per shift when putting in timesheets and work orders.
• Repetitive motion: No one task is done constantly. Maintenance Technicians are pulling and pushing on wrenches at a frequent basis throughout the course of their workday.
• Personal protective equipment: hearing protection, safety glasses, steel toe shoes and a variety of gloves depending upon the task at hand.

Age Requirement:

not stated

Certification Or Education Required:

High school diploma or GED is preferred.

Experience required:
Workers must pass a company skills analysis test on the computer to determine ability for the Maintenance Technician position and then go through job training.

Hourly Wage:




Three shifts: 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., 3:00 – 11:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.
Overtime required

Full Time or Part Time:

Full Time