Substitute Coordination Service

We Connect You to A Network of Qualified Substitutes 

Finding qualified substitutes to fill in for absent teachers, teaching assistants and nurses can be a challenge.

Restrictions on non-certified teachers, geographic and financial concerns may all be contributing to the problem. Yet, we know that when absences go unfilled or a substitute lacks a strong command of the subject matter, there is a disruption in student learning. 

With more than 1,000 substitutes on hand to fill absences in participating districts, you can rest easy knowing support is here. 

Our team handles substitute recruitment, hiring and coverage so you can spend your time focused on students – not paperwork. 

Save time and personnel costs by becoming a part of the network of districts using our service for calling substitutes and recommending substitute applicants.

The service consists of two components:

  • Substitute Calling – Using an Internet-based system, substitute and teacher databases, help desk personnel and priority lists, this service assigns the best-qualified substitutes to fill teacher absences while giving districts immediate access to data.
  •  Substitute Registry – The registry supports districts by recruiting, interviewing, orienting and recommending substitutes for district approval. It also tracks Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability (OSPRA) clearance and Hazard Communications (Right-to-Know) training status of substitute teachers and substitute applicants.

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