Regional Food Service Management

This service provides school districts with coordination for and/or management of their food service programs. The service is designed to meet the distinct needs of school districts.  It is organized at various levels of service to ensure delivery of nutritious and affordable food for students and school staff consistent with state and national standards around food safety, and child health and nutrition. 

This program will be tailored to meet the financial goals and service needs of each participating district. 

Levels of service include: 

  • Level I – Consulting and planning for the operation of a school food service program, including menus, purchasing and financial management
  • Level II – Shared supervision and management functions associated with the operation of a school food service program will be conducted at the regional level by qualified staff. Local district staff may become partnership employees.
  • Level III – In addition to all aspects of Level II, local district employees may become Capital Region BOCES employees. The goal at this level is to work with districts to consolidate operations in ways that help them balancing their food service budgets.