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A New York State and federally compliant, comprehensive records management program is crucial to your organization.

Managing records can be overwhelming. It takes time and resources to properly store and purge records. Over the years, stacks of paper pile up that take up space, with no clear way to find what is needed upon request. This can lead to legal penalties, increased storage costs and wasted time.

Our records management experts can help. We’ll lead you through the development of a New York state and federally compliant, comprehensive records management program.

We offer short- and long-term inventory control through consultation, imaging, off-site storage, electronic data storage and document management. Our staff will work with you to craft a plan that fits your budget and goals. 


  • Consultation – BOCES staff will survey and inventory records, develop a records retention schedule, advise on records storage requirements, assign records disposition and offer information on vital records protection, policy and procedure development and emergent records & information management technology issues (e-mail, EDS, etc.).
  • Imaging – Coordination of document preparation, filming or scanning, index databases and verification of records in accordance with regulatory, statutory and industry standards.
  • Off-Site Storage – Management of records in a secure location that meets industry standards for retention of original microfilm and documents.
  • Electronic Data Storage (EDS) – Coordination of storing paper records electronically to streamline processes and allow for instant day-to-day access to information. EDS systems are designed to increase productivity by automating repetitive procedures.
  • Document Management – Digital document storage through our Laserfiche Service helps districts eliminate file cabinets and paper costs. Districts can store documents safely and securely for instant and easy accessibility. With Laserfiche document management, district staff can organize, share and retrieve documents using a safe and cost-efficient folder structured database. This service enables faster response to information inquiries and reduces manual data entry time, expenses and errors, which in turn, greatly help districts get closer to normal following a disaster or other emergency when records are lost.

“I have benefitted from the support provided by the Records & Information Management services for over 20 years and in two different school districts.  I am confident about my district’s records retention policies and practices, organization of data sources, and ability to find any document we need quickly.  The service provides support for all of our record-keeping needs in one easy to access package!”

-Susan Swartz, Superintendent, Scotia-Glenville Central School District

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