Securely Store Documents for Instant and Easy Access

Maintaining an efficient and effective method for storing digital documents can be time-consuming and, on a tight budget, a challenge to manage.

While document storage is not always a priority, it certainly becomes one when you have an urgent request that leaves you scrambling.

Digital document storage helps to eliminate file cabinets and paper costs. This is possible by storing documents safely and securely for instant and easy accessibility.

Our Laserfiche scanning software provides you with training on how to back up your documents for both long and short-term storage. This “electronic file cabinet” enables you to access documents with ease, perform comprehensive and efficient searches, eliminate photocopying, and protect your data.

Districts can store documents safely and securely for instant and easy accessibility. With Laserfiche document management, district staff can organize, share and retrieve documents using a safe and cost-efficient folder structured database. This service enables faster response to information inquiries and reduces manual data entry time, expenses and errors, which, in turn, greatly helps districts get closer to normal following a disaster or other emergency when records are lost.


  • Multiple scanning sizes and scan sources (one side, both sides, flatbed scanner and multiple colors).
  • Multiple views of documents such as full-screen, thumbnail view, OCR text view, or the metadata field associated with the document.
  • Search engine with multiple search options to easily retrieve scanned documents in a proficient, user-friendly manner.
  • Fully automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Once a document has been processed through the OCR engine, the user may then search a document by a single word or phrase within a document.
  • Protection of digital database from unauthorized users.
  • Data stored via NERIC’s secure Data Center, which is backed up every 24 hours and equipped to automatically run battery and generator power in the event of a local electrical failure.

“Having all the minutes and backup documentation at one location has made it easier, as well as a time and space saver.”

-North Colonie School District

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