Clerk Of The Works

Capital Projects Made Easy

Two construction workers look on to project in progress.
A Clerk of the Works helps ensure capital projects are completed on time and on budget by serving as a liaison between the school and contractor from the project’s inception to completion.

Capital projects are a necessary, challenging and time-consuming part of maintaining a school district. Not only is taxpayer approval required for capital projects, but also expert knowledge of building aid, planning and record-keeping.

Schools tend to rely heavily on construction managers for support during a capital project. Unfortunately, the construction manager does not always have the best interest of the district in mind, and much of the work ends up falling on the district’s facilities director, business official, or a combination of the two. 

With a Clerk of the Works, you’ll have a dedicated construction manager for the site under construction. This individual will serve as a liaison between the school and the contractor from the project’s inception to completion. This on-site advocate will be the eyes and ears for the school district during all phases of construction. 

In addition, this service also provides a professional to work in the operations and maintenance of the school district.

This aidable service allows a greater percentage of the school budget to focus on instruction, while professionals with technical skills ease the responsibilities of district staff.

How it Works

  • On-site Support – A representative from the service will be on-site full-time or part-time to provide support during all phases of construction. They may assist in the bid process, meet with contractors to ensure uniform construction, file reports, and serve as the eyes and ears of the school district. 
  • Quality Checks – The Clerk of the Works will provide an independent assessment of the works undertaken, checking the quality of the build, structural and architectural works to ensure quality and uniform construction. 
  • Regular Updates – The Clerk will produce regular reports and a dialogue with the design team. Reports include a site diary; photographic evidence; progression of the works against the program; site meeting information and highlight any potential risks.

What to Expect

  • A Reliable Advocate – You can rely on our staff to look-out for the best interest of the school district during all phases of construction, ultimately saving you time and money.
  • Peace of Mind – Rest assured that your construction plans are being met. You’ll be able to take the burden off of district staff so they can focus on students.
  • Affordability – The fee for the service is incredibly affordable compared to hiring a third-party (non-BOCES) Clerk or Construction Manager. Both the clerk and O&M support functions of this service are aidable.

Without dedicated personnel, you run the risk of overspending, not sticking to the construction schedule resulting in delayed completion/opening of school, incomplete punch lists/close-out documentation. 

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