Capital Region BOCES Pharmacy Coalition

Through this service, the NY MPPC enables districts to maintain their current pharmacy plan, governance and autonomy, while leveraging the large-scale group purchasing discounts and clean contracting that currently benefit 530,000 lives.

Coalition staff will manage and coordinate the following activities for its self-funded, New York Pharmacy Purchasing Coalition program for districts, trusts, other BOCES and municipalities:

  • Interface with eligibility vendors, PBMs, brokers and other third party entities, as approved by the plan sponsor (implementation and ongoing);
  • Act in an account service capacity during implementation of the program and benefit changes, either directly or with your broker of record;
  • Organize and provide periodic educational seminars about pharmacy industry trends, Federal compliance, pharmacy products, cost containment and Medicare options;
  • Share NY MPPC, KPPC and ESI industry benchmark and performance information through annual reporting;
  • Coordinate and review standard vendor information reports, either directly or with broker of record; and
  • Provide and coordinate pharmacy plan subject matter expertise as requested at scheduled trust and board meetings.

Currently, more than 36,000 lives are part of the NY MPPC, including several large BOCES health plan trusts. Pharmacy can be carved out and self-funded despite your current medical/pharmacy status. Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation pricing comparison to see what you “could have saved” through this program.