Kitchen Assistant- Pathfinder Lodge

Relevant CTE Program:


Job Description:

Kitchen Assistant: Individual will be responsible for helping to prepare and serve meals for approximately 35- 70 people in an industrial kitchen, following the DOH guidelines for NYS summer camps. Head Cook: (must be 18) Supervise the food preparation and handling as directed by the Food Service Supervisor. Ensure the cleanliness and safety requirements of the DOH and ServeSafe practices are followed

Company Name:

Pathfinder Lodge

Application Deadline:

June 1, 2024


Jillian Greenslit (518) 421-5779 or

Skills Needed:

Time management, diligence in following guidelines and safety protocols, multitasking and flexibility.

Age Requirement:

17 or older

Certification Or Education Required:

ServeSafe preferred but not required.

Hourly Wage:

Weekly wage dependent upon experience ($300- 400)


Room and board are included. Evenings and break times allow for enjoying the camp atmosphere and meeting other staff.


Hours vary throughout the day. Sunday evening through Friday evening, with an afternoon break daily is typical. Staff training begins June 26 with the weekend off for graduation. Camp runs from July until Labor Day.

Full Time or Part Time: