Annual Report

Whether in the classroom, on the job site or driving regional services, our programs, services, community connections and collaboration with business and industry partners offer enriching opportunities for students, adult learners and school districts.

In our 2018-19 Annual Report, we highlight some of this important work and progress we have made over the past year:

2018-19 Fast Facts

  • 80,000+ students served in schools across the greater Capital Region.
  • 300+ programs and services to support students and schools.
  • 1,195 square miles of geographic area coverage.
  • $86 million in grants won since 2010 for schools and BOCES statewide.

Diverse Learning Opportunities

We offer students abundant opportunities to engage in a variety of learning experiences. Whether they attend classes through their home school districts, or at one of our Career and Technical Schools, P-TECH sites or special education programs, students of all abilities and interests can chart their own future to college or career and reach their full potential.

  • 1,000+ students participated in career and technical education training at one of our three campuses.
  • 2,500+ students from across the region participated in our distance learning program.
  • 390 special education students served in 61 classrooms region-wide and six new classes to support students with autism.

Road to a Better Future

Adult learners in the Capital Region have been earning critical life and work readiness skills through our programming since 1990. Whether learning English, earning a high school diploma, training for a new job or doing all three, students are redirecting their lives and gaining a competitive edge in today’s challenging work world.

  • 127 adults supported at our new Literacy Zone Campus in downtown Albany and through classes held at the Department of Labor and Albany Public Library.
  • 652 adult learners enrolled in the High School Equivalency & English as a Second Language programs.
  • 1000+ adult learners participated in a variety of skills development programs.
  • $250,000 in grant funds to expand manufacturing training programs through our partnership with the Center for Economic Development, SUNY Schenectady, HVCC and the Business Council of NYS.

Cooperative Power

Shared services and supports help school districts, municipalities and businesses solve challenging problems and achieve a level of quality, efficiency and effectiveness that wouldn’t be possible alone. Partnerships with businesses, higher education institutions and non-profit organizations help us identify ways to work together to build a stronger regional community and economy.

  • 26,679 students have access to mental health clinics embedded in their schools through a partnership with Northern Rivers Family of Services.
  • $2+ million in cost savings for 21 participating schools by consolidating bus routes previously made by partially-filled buses to out-of district locations.
  • 53 school districts and three BOCES served by our communications service.
  • $8.1 million in savings this year for participants of our pharmacy purchasing coalition.

Training and Support for Educators

Students aren’t the only ones learning and growing. Teachers, leaders and support staff statewide benefit from a host of professional development opportunities we offer year-round aimed at helping to better prepare students for a successful future.

  • 950 trainings offered featuring nationally-renowned leaders as well as area educators passionate about their work.
  • 600+ educators participated in NERIC’s 30th annual Technology Awareness Day to connect, share and learn about classroom technologies.
  • 550 new substitute teachers, teaching assistants and nurses added to our substitute calling service.

Moving Forward With Technology

Technology creates opportunities for classrooms, educators, communities, parents and families to connect on a global scale. Instructional staff at Capital Region BOCES guide the purposeful implementation of technology into curriculum and instruction, serving a critical need to prepare students for higher learning and innovative work environments.

  • 58 accessible and mobile responsive websites hosted and supported by our communications service for schools statewide.
  • 300+ educational technology tools available for classroom use including robots, virtual reality tools and software and Breakout EDU kits.
  • $1,463,756 in E-rate reimbursements for telecommunications, Internet access and internal connections sent back to 115 participating school districts from seven BOCES.
  • 300 Chromebooks rolled out to our special education students.

Developing a Workforce

We are proud to partner with our colleagues in higher education, workforce development, business and industry to bring new programming to our region. Working together, we continue to strengthen the workforce pipeline for our many employers in various sectors, such as manufacturing and coding. These types of collaborations help more residents gain a competitive edge while making the local talent pipeline stronger.

  • 146 graduates—a record number—are on their way to in-demand careers in the health care industry.
  • 480 students graduated with industry-recognized credentials, and often certification, from our Career and Technical Schools.
  • 100+ businesses attended our career fairs to recruit students to become their employees.