Developmental Skills – Autism Spectrum Disorder

Level: Elementary, Middle, and High School (center or district-based programs)
Recommended Ratio: Elementary, Middle, and High School 8:1:2 

Two classrooms at the elementary, two at the middle school and two at the high school will implement the TEACCH methodology.

This program is designed for students:

  • who are on the Autism Spectrum.
  • who demonstrate difficulty in self-regulation and behavior management.
  • who have delays in speech and language, motor development, and social emotional development.
  • who may be eligible for the New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA).
  • who demonstrate moderate difficulty in self-regulation and behavior management.
  • who demonstrate difficulty and significant delays in self-care and daily living skills.
  • who have significant difficulty generalizing skills from one setting to another.
  • who benefit from a highly structured classroom environment with a classroom management plan that is based on positive behavioral strategies.
  • who may require a Behavior Improvement Plan (BIP) or an Intensive Crisis Management Plan (ICMP).
  • who require explicit instruction in pro-social skills.
  • who benefit from frequent pre-sets and changes in activities.
  • who require intense speech and language therapy, OT (including a sensory diet) and/or counseling services integrated into the classroom.
  • who require Explicit Systematic Direct Instruction (ESDI) in all instructional domains.

Daily data collection and analysis is an integral part of this classroom.

Student Eligibility

Children are placed in BOCES special education programs at the direction of their local school district’s Committee on Special Education (CSE). CSE Teams, including the district CSE Chair, classroom teacher, parents, and service providers collaborate to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for any student identified as requiring special education services. Contact your local school district’s CSE Chair for more information.

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