School Boards Approve BOCES’ 2018-19 Budget

Component school district boards of education unanimously approved Capital Region BOCES’ proposed $9.3 million administrative budget for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Component school districts “vote” on the rest of the total proposed $134.2 million budget by deciding whether or not to participate in BOCES services each year. Most of the budget is an estimate based on the interest of districts in each service. The funds spent will increase or decrease depending on actual district participation. 

Administrative Budget Highlights

  • 21 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Positions – This includes the District Superintendent, Business Office, Human Resources Office, Deputy Superintendents and Assistant Superintendent. 
  • Decrease in overall benefits from 41% to 36.7% due in part to cost savings from a new health insurance plan. 
  • Retiree health insurance costs account for 55.5% of the total administrative budget.  

The only other part of the budget that is not based on districts’ purchases of services is the capital budget, which includes rental fees for facilities. By law, the capital budget is not submitted to vote; however, it is part of the annual assessment that districts pay to Capital Region BOCES. 

Three Board Members Re-elected 

Capital Region BOCES Board Members Barbara Mauro (Niskayuna), Jeffrey Bradt (Cohoes) and Lynne Lenhardt (Bethlehem) were re-elected to three-year terms starting July 1.

They were elected by school board members in our component school districts.

2018-19 Budget At-A-Glance

  • $134.2 million – Total Budget
  • 9.3% – Increase from 2017-18