Residency Verification

We Investigate Your Student Residency Concerns 

It is the responsibility of schools to provide all students with a quality education. However, educating students who are not residents of the district can create undue financial strain and other issues.

With the help of experienced law enforcement professionals, our staff will research and investigate student residency concerns. 

BOCES investigators will identify students who are not entitled to a tuition-free education in a public school district. In doing so, they will examine answers to the following questions: 

  • Who is in charge of the student (care and custody)?
  • Is the place of residence the actual and only residence?
  • Where is the physical location where those who claim residency predominantly sleep, change clothes and use as a base of operation?
  • What verifiable evidence can be presented to support the claim
    of residence?

We follow the New York State Education Department’s guidelines and provide a comprehensive report based on our investigator’s findings. All of this information will help you make a residency determination.

How it Works 

  • BOCES Residence Investigators will work closely with district personnel to gather data about individual cases and then perform investigations using techniques such as surveillance, interviewing, internet searches.  
  • The average case takes 10-20 hours to complete. Some cases  require more time, some less. We prioritize requests for McKinney-Vento investigations that require a three-day turnaround.
  • Our investigators are retired NYS Police Officers with a combined 90 years of investigative experience. We make every effort to use a marked BOCES-owned vehicle and investigators wear a BOCES employee ID, so all investigations are open and straightforward.

What to Expect

  • Timely and thorough investigative services – We help ensure
    students in the district are educationally legal residents of the district as required by NYSED law. Close communication between our investigator and the district contact is maintained throughout the investigation with periodic status report updates.
  • Verification/determination of students – We will determine students who are covered by the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvement Act and residency of Charter School students. 
  • Final Report – We will create a report that will assist the district in their ability to make a residency determination. 

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“The professional investigative techniques employed by program investigators result in thorough, timely and defensible reports that include video, photographic and supporting documentation as evidence. In an ever increasing environment of uncertain residency matters, we are confident that the district cannot replicate this level of service. The efficiency and effectiveness of this service is superior.”

Michael J. Ouimet, CPA, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Averill Park Central School District

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