Parent Today (Standalone) – Resource for Families

Decades of research show that parent involvement is directly linked to a student’s academic success. The challenge for school districts is finding the most effective and efficient ways to engage parents in their children’s education.

Parent Today can help. Through monthly e-newsletters backed by an information-rich blog site, Parent Today helps school districts bridge the gap between families and the classroom while fostering stronger connections and improved parent involvement. This nationally award-winning resource is intended to help build improved student outcomes and relationships with parents and guardians—a key stakeholder group in every district.

Stories and videos focus on four “chapters” of a child’s life: early learners, elementary school, the middle years and high school. Each e-newsletter features blog-style posts addressing relevant topics about what is happening in the classroom and students’ lives.

In addition to encouraging families to sign up to receive Parent Today e-newsletters, participating school districts may post excerpts or full stories from Parent Today on their websites and social media channels, or include in their school newsletters and other publications to ensure maximum exposure and impact.