New Initiative to Elevate Women Into School Leadership

New program seeks to create greater gender diversity within schools and on administrative teams

In an effort to increase the number of women in school administration, Capital Region BOCES and the New York State Association for Women in Administration (NYSAWA) are forming a partnership with Tenshey, Inc., to help women school leaders build their professional careers.

Nationally, women hold just 24 percent of school superintendent positions; in New York State that number is only slightly better at 27 percent. These numbers are substantially lower for women of color.

Collectively, women have the power to change these numbers.

To help address this, Capital Region BOCES and the New York State Association for Women in Administration (NYSAWA) have teamed up to offer executive coaching services through Tenshey, Inc. for women leaders in educational administration.

Created by women for women, the program seeks to create greater gender diversity within school districts and BOCES administrative teams and, inevitably, improve the education all students receive.

The initiative will offer a series of programs:

  • Designed to strengthen women’s authentic leadership voice and create a clear plan of action for development areas.
  • That create a pipeline of women for top educational leadership positions.

Sitting superintendents would benefit, as well as teachers, principals, directors, assistant superintendents and others.  

Helping women pursue career growth and promotion in all levels of leadership

The initiative is a natural fit given NYSAWA’s mission to pursue women’s growth and promotion in all levels of leadership and Capital Region BOCES’ mission to provide educational leadership, services and support to students and school districts.

“The experiences and perceptions of women are critical components to our educational system, and yet they are largely underrepresented at the decision-making table,” said Capital Region BOCES District Superintendent Anita Murphy. “As we look for new and greater ways to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our schools, starting with our leadership teams is critical and this program looks to address that need.”

“The research is clear that the ‘pipeline to leadership’ needs to be strengthened for women in order to achieve gender-balanced leadership in education. The research is also clear that gender-balanced teams of leaders make the best decisions for all students,” said Adele Bovard, Chair of the NYSAWA Board. “This program is a step toward building the pipeline in New York.” 

“Tenshey’s partnership with Capital Region BOCES and NYSAWA is especially significant because of the impact we can make together toward gender equality,” said Maggie Chan Jones, Founder & CEO of Tenshey, Inc. “Education is crucial toward building the next generation of young leaders. Supporting more women leaders in school administration and building male allyship are key to expanding a leadership pipeline that is diverse, inclusive, and forward-looking.”

Those taking part in this program, women leaders or aspiring leaders can choose from two different tracts to meet their unique needs – either by helping them develop a path to leadership through the development of those skills or helping those already in executive roles give their careers a boost through coaching and assessments.

A major benefit of this program is the ability of future school leaders to network with others who have the same interests and are seeking out educational leadership skills.

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Programming is slated to begin early in 2021, with registration open through Jan. 15, 2021.

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