Apply to Become a Substitute Teacher or Teaching Assistant

The following materials must be completed, as appropriate, and returned the day of your scheduled appointment. Please use black or dark blue ink. 

If you are unable to access a form, please notify us of the issue.

Application Forms for Teachers and Teaching Assistants  

Documentation and References

  • Proper identificationPassport OR Driver’s License AND either Social Security card or Birth Certificate (for Employee Eligibility, I-9 Form)
  • Proof of educational preparationThe highest level of the following should be provided: 
    A) Copy of certification.
    B) Bachelors degree, official transcript with graduation date.
    C) Associates degree, official transcript with 60 credit hours is acceptable.
    D) High school diploma (if applying as a substitute teacher assistant).
  • References – Two letters of reference written within the past three years (student teaching evaluations are acceptable) OR Confidential College file.
    Having a Confidential College file will reduce processing time.
  • Fingerprint/Criminal History Records Search
    Required to work in New York State schools. Prints taken for preschool, daycare and bus drivers are not accepted. If already fingerprinted for the New York State Education Department teacher database: No fee required. Using information provided on your application, we will pull your fingerprint clearance from the TEACH Website.

    • If fingerprints are needed, visit:

School District-Specific Application Forms 

Complete the following forms if employment is desired in these specific locations. 

Required Training 

Substitutes must complete HazCom training within 90 days of district approval to remain eligible to substitute teach. Details about online and in-person training opportunities.