Programming Technology Specialist l #2023-170A3

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Programming Technology Specialist l


Northeastern Regional Information Center - 900 Watervliet-Shaker Road

Basic Function:

Programming Technology Specialist I is an entry level position that performs or assists in technical activities related to writing instructions (code), application program development, program and system testing, and business/systems analysis and design related to computer systems, systems maintenance and implementation in such areas as the design and development of database systems; dynamic, transactional, or interactive web sites; and agency specific application programs. Performs duties with detailed instructions and guidance provided by either Programming Technology Specialists 2 or higher-level IT positions. Does related work as required.


A. Possession of an Associate’s degree or higher-level degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems or Management Information Systems; OR,
B. Possession of an Associate’s degree or higher-level degree with fifteen (15) credit hours in Computer Science including or supplemented by nine (9) credit hours in programming language, business analysis and/or design; OR,
C. Two (2) years of paid experience in one or more of the following computer related areas: computer programming, business/systems analysis, program design, and program testing.

NOTE:  Following completion of a successful one-year probationary period, individuals with permanent competitive status as Programming Technology Specialist Trainee mature to Programming Technology Specialist I without further examination.

Vacancies are filled by certified list provided by Albany County Civil Service. Should no certified list be available, candidates appointed to this position will be serving in a provisional appointment in accordance with New York State Civil Service Law. The candidate must successfully complete a competitive examination and be eligible for appointment in accordance with Civil Service Law and the Civil Service Rules for Albany County to obtain a permanent appointment.


1. Performs coding, testing, and debugging activities:
a. Writes and assists in writing computer programs based on previously developed and approved program specifications.
b. Writes and tests procedures, parameters and other specifications required to implement computer systems usually with user input.
c. Develops or assists with the development of unit, component and system test plans usually with user input.
d. Develops or assists with the development of test data usually with user input.
e. Conducts unit testing of individual components and assists IT technical staff with systems and operations testing usually with user input.
2. Plans and conducts application programming design:
a. Assists in developing a high-level conceptual design.
b. Consults with various IT staff to help determine the most technically efficient approach to file design, on-line processing, database structure, and data communication.
c. Participates in the development of a detail design for an information system including the functional specifications that define the business rules and the input, processing, and output details pertinent to the system’s operations and report programs.
d. Reviews and obtains approval for the detail application design from users prior to the initiation of application programming.
e. Ensures programs include security requirements and adequate access controls.
3. Implements new and revised systems:
a. Verifies that documentation is complete, organized, filed, and readily available for users and IT staff.
b. Verifies that all levels of testing (e.g., unit, systems, user, and operations) have been performed and results are satisfactory.
c. Verifies that system security measures are appropriate and comply with agency defined directives.
d. Conducts or assists in training users and IT staff.
e. Verifies that users and IT management have approved, authorized, and signed-off on the system design, test results, and implementation schedule.
f. Assists in scheduling activities for implementation.
g. Monitors initial production runs and communicates with other IT staff to support resolution of any malfunctions.
h. Participates in post implementation review of applications for effectiveness, accomplishment of stated goals, and compliance with existing controls and standards.
4. Maintains systems after implementation:
a. Conducts and participates in systems maintenance activities, including making emergency corrections caused by events such as systems failure, operation errors, changes in legislation or user requirements, or changes in the IT environment.
b. Conducts analysis to determine impact of requested or mandated change and provides estimate of time and resources needed to accomplish change.
c. Meets with users and IT management to agree on the method and schedule for change implementation.
d. Redesigns systems to accomplish change and tests and documents system changes.
5. Conducts or assists in business/systems analysis and design:
a. Documents business systems or processes by describing all relevant factors including workflow processes, data input and output activities, descriptions of data elements, and overall program goals, objectives, and external considerations, such as federal and State legislative mandates. This may include web site development and administration of a transactional, dynamic, or interactive web site; or the design, development, and administration of database systems to support IT applications.
b. Gathers, organizes, and performs preliminary analysis of information about costs/benefits, advantages/disadvantages, and technical feasibility of designing and implementing proposed systems.
c. Participates in meetings and works with agency management, users, vendors, consultants, and IT staff to discuss IT solution options and assists in recommending appropriate system platforms for meeting program requirements.
d. Assists in analyzing the impact of implementing new or modified systems on computer resources and other agency programs.
6. Good knowledge of programming language.
7. Good knowledge of computer program design and testing.
8. Working knowledge of factors related to programming technology.
9. Good judgment in dealing with people.
10. Ability to understand, interpret and prepare written material.
11. Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Start Date:

As soon as possible

Application Deadline:

April 14, 2023 (or until position is filled)

Starting Salary:

$38,945 – $44,787 prorated to the amount of service rendered. 

The selected applicant will be subject to a fingerprint supported criminal history background check in accordance with SAVE Legislation effective July 1, 2001.

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Further Information Contact:

Capital Region BOCES, 900 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Albany NY 12205 or email 


March 17, 2023