Curriculum & Evaluation Consultant (10M Position) #2022-104

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Curriculum & Evaluation Consultants (10M Position + 20 days summer work)


Special Education - Multiple Locations

Basic Function:

Will be responsible for working collaboratively with staff and administrators on providing instructional support services to enhance teaching skills through incorporating the analysis of student performance data. Provide a variety of specialized support to educators to improve the outcomes of students. Support curriculum redesign to ensure alignment with the Next Generation Learning Standards. Does other related work, as required. Works under general supervision of the Director of Curriculum & Instructional Data.


A. Bachelor’s degree in education and a Master’s degree in education and/or educational administration.
B. Valid NYS certification in teaching.
C. Five years experience in teaching or provision of related services for students with disabilities and/or administration of special education programs for students with disabilities.
Preferred Qualifications:
D. Experience in data-driven school improvement and the provision of professional development.
E. Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to collaborate.


1. Develop and deliver the appropriate ongoing and sustained professional development in key areas of curriculum, pedagogy and instructional data.
2. Develop and deliver workshops on highly effective teaching practices.
3. Work collaboratively with the teachers and administrators to plan, implement and evaluate teaching and learning practices.
4. Coach, mentor, and motivate teachers.
5. Influence teachers to take positive action and accountability for student achievement.
6. Monitor progress and measure outcomes relative to the goals and objectives of the professional development.
7. Will support the use of data in designing instruction and interventions for success of all students.
8. Develop and maintain relationships with administrative teams to ensure that the necessary information and resources are available to support student learning.

Start Date:

November 1, 2021

Application Deadline:

October 22, 2021

Starting Salary:

Dependent upon step of current contract prorated to amount of service rendered.

The selected applicant will be subject to a fingerprint supported criminal history background check in accordance with SAVE Legislation effective July 1, 2001.

Apply To:

Further Information Contact:

Capital Region BOCES, 900 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Albany NY 12205
or email


October 8, 2021