Telecommunications & Network Cabling

Aspire Network Solutions business logoNetwork cabling technicians install the networks, wires and cables that connect computers, telephones, and energy management systems.

As our society becomes more reliant on these cables, so too do the network/communication companies in the Capital Region.

This training program in collaboration with Aspire Network Solutions is designed to give adult students the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in this growing field.

Students Will:

  • Learn the history, theory and foundational knowledge of Smart
    Home technologies.

  • Master the basics of network cabling copper installation, construction and

  • Learn all aspects of fiber optics cabling including standards, optic loss
    budgets, routing, placement, testing
    and troubleshooting.

  • Get hands-on learning in infrastructure
    technology through Aspire’s Internet

  • Upon successful completion of this course, students will earn three industry-recognized C-Tech certifications.