August 20 Special Education Parent Meeting

A virtual meeting was held on August 20 to provide parents/guardians with important information on reopening our schools and programs for Special Education students. 

Watch a recording of the August 20 special education parent meeting.

Please also review our reopening plan and resources for parents and families page

Questions & Answers

The following questions were answered by BOCES officials during the August 20 virtual parent meeting. Additional questions are answered on our Reopening FAQ page. 


If my son is in CTE, will the screening cover his class in the morning and the CTE in the afternoon?
Yes. The screening done for the morning would suffice between Capital Region BOCES programs.

I’m a little confused. I am viewing the site regarding temperatures where we log. I do not see Cohoes Highschool on here, or is this just for BOCES?
This screening is just for BOCES programs. You would choose your child’s site at BOCES and then complete the screening tool.

So am I selecting CTE Albany Campus? I don’t know what campus he will be attending.
Once you get his schedule, you will know what campus he is attending, and then you will select that location.

Can I see the screening tool?
Yes. Please visit

What does the health screening tool look like?
You can visit the tool online from any device at

Will we receive text message reminders about the screening tool?
Yes. At the beginning of the school year, we will be using our Blackboard notification system to remind parents to complete the screening tool.

I’m not fully clear what I’d do if I kept my son home to be cautious, and it ended up being a false alarm. I want to make sure I don’t send him back, and I’m violating anything. Would we need a doctor to clear him in a situation like that?
A: You may keep your child home, and they don’t have COVID-19. It is better to err on the side of caution, and if your child screens for symptoms, they have to stay home from school. If your child has symptoms, you should contact your health care provider, and please see the return to school guidance in our reopening plan.

Can we expect the public schools we are enrolled in to contact us with their specific requirements (such as screening requirements), or do we need to reach out to the building principal for this information?
Public schools are having parent meetings just like ours and are working on finalizing plans for the fall. They soon will be getting communications out to families if you haven’t received them. Also, please check your home school website for any information.

How does an isolation room work with a student that needs a 1-1 nurse at all times?
The nurse would also travel to the isolation space with the student.


If our child has symptoms of a common cold, will we need to have them tested for COVID or quarantine before returning to school?
Please see the return to school after illness guidance in our reopening plan and contact your healthcare provider if your child has symptoms. A recording of the parent meeting from August 19 is available, which reviews return to school after illness information.

I am an essential worker. We wear masks all day, hand sanitizer, etc. If I am advised to quarantine as a precaution, does that mean my child cannot attend school and must quarantine?
If you are asked to quarantine as a precaution, please contact the Department of Health. They will ask for specific information and determine who if anyone in your family or close relations may have to quarantine. We are also happy to help you reach the Department of Health and help you with this process.


Will in-person students be issued a Chromebook again? If so, will it stay at school unless there is another closure (then come home at that point)?
If a child is attending school in-person, they will be using a Chromebook in their daily instruction; however, they will not bring it home. If we have to close, the child will be provided with a Chromebook for remote learning.


If a student is a brand new to Maywood, will there be an orientation on the 10th or 11th?
Yes. Please see


My daughter’s school makes them bring a backpack and not letting them use their locker, so what does she do if she has to bring it to BOCES?
Although we are trying to limit the amount of personal belongings coming into our buildings, please just check with your child’s principal or teacher if a backpack is necessary.

What will happen if a positive COVID-19 case happens in the school?
The next steps will be coordinated at the direction of the County Health Department.

Will we still have the option of virtual CSE meetings if we choose?
Yes. You will absolutely be able to have the option of a virtual CSE meeting if you prefer. Please work with your home district to make this request.


Is there going to be a condensed break down on expectations going into the school year? Or just navigate the hyperlinks on the website?
We encourage you to view the entire Reopening Plan online. You can also visit the Parent and Family Resources page for essential information, watch the parent meeting recording from August 19 with detailed health and safety information or contact your child’s principal.

Will public schools be completely in person if we’ve chosen that option, or will it be a hybrid format?
For students, and our BOCES-operated programs that are placed in public schools, we will have students full-time at their programs. So, even if there’s a hybrid that exists in that school, our staff will be in full time.

My daughter is in RCS. How would she do BOCES if they have 2 days A and 2 days B?
You can reach out to the administration or guidance office in Ravena, CTE director Jeff Palmer, or the CTE building principal to ask that question. The goal is if the child is in a regular special education program, we’re hoping kids would go to CTE on those other days. We are currently hand scheduling all of those students right now to provide the best availability to attend BOCES programs.

Will students be using their own supplies?
Students in center-based buildings will have their own bins for supplies, whether supplied by parents or by the school. There are no communal supplies.

How will social push outs work in public schools? I’m comfortable with my son’s small classroom, but nervous of him integrating in the larger class sizes, such as gym.
We are working with component school principals on managing our push out programs, and we will be able to give you more detailed information as the schedules are set. In some cases, our students will have their own specials, and it will just be our students who move from cohort to cohort. In other cases, instead of going out to classes, some of the PE, art, music will come to the classroom. We will make sure that everyone is aware of the plan for special classes.

Will a student in a work-based program still go to the worksites?
Each individual work-based learning partner will make that determination, and we are actively working them to support providing opportunities for students to attend at worksites.

Remote Learning/Supports

If a student is remote to begin, can they become on-site at any time?
No. Once a parent decides to begin the year with remote instruction, this will be a 15-week commitment finishing in December 2020.

If a student’s district school is 2 days in person 2 days online on a rotating base (alphabetical) how does that work with BOCES for the home district online days?
Our BOCES operated Special Education programs will be open every day regardless of the hybrid schedule. Students will attend, participate in the remote learning from their classroom, and be provided with supports from the teacher and teaching assistants as needed.

So if we decide to do remote for say 4 months, that will ensure we keep our spot in the program going forward? Would our nurse be assigned to another student? We have a compromised child and thought we might wait a little.
First and foremost, you should work with your child’s healthcare provider regarding the best decision for your child. Regardless, whether remote or in school, you are still a part of our program. If you start remote and decide you would like to resume in-person instruction, we will begin planning for your child’s return.

How will Chromebooks be delivered? Will this be delivered to the classroom and then sent home with students on the week of Sept 14, or will they be delivered to our homes by an alternative method prior to Sept 14?
If a student is learning remotely, Chromebooks will be delivered the week of Sept. 8.

For remote learning, you are providing a computer device for the child to do the classwork?

I am nervous about live virtual instruction should schools close as I will still need to work. I do not have caregivers who would be receptive to assisting with school work but I could help with my work. How will this work?
Your child’s teacher can work with you to develop a plan to ensure your child gets the support they need.

For all therapies, if our child is doing remote learning, how is that going to work?
We have remote therapy guidance and our providers have been doing remote therapies for OT, PT and social work.

So if the child is remote learning, will the teachers be different than if the child were doing in person learning. How will we know who the teachers are?
Once we are done determining how many students are remote and how many students will be in-person we will put together the final staffing plan. We hope to send out a schedule the week of August 31st so you will know who your child’s teacher is, and the teacher will be contacting you soon thereafter.

I’m choosing all remote for my child, will I get contacted on the schedule?
Yes. They will contact you in the next week or so.

In regards to virtual or in person instruction, has BOCES found more parents selecting in person instruction?
Yes. The majority of students are scheduled for in-person instruction with approximately 20 percent opting for remote learning.

If schools have to shut down now, has it been considered to do WebEx like this where kids tune in at a certain time and have class like this, as opposed to a link to read and learn?


I realize school/bus schedules are not yet finalized, but will efforts be made to send my child to CTE on the alternating days when he will be attending in-person classes at his high school?
Yes, we have been communicating with component school districts to let them know all of our schedules. We will be flexible based on the home school district’s schedule.


Can children still bring in their own lunch or snacks?


What is CTE?
Career & Technical Education

We typically receive many forms to submit annual medical check-up record and vaccine records. How are we submitting those forms?
Those forms will still be submitted either to the building principal or the central office. The mailing that goes out the week of August 31 will have that information.