2021-22 Programs & Services 

As school districts are met with the challenge of preparing all students to meet higher standards while staying within ever-increasing budgetary restrictions, we strive to provide the high-quality programs and services you need, at a cost-effective rate.

Whether it’s communicating with your public, ensuring business offices run smoothly or integrating technology into the classroom, we’re here to help you achieve a level of quality, efficiency and effectiveness that wouldn’t be possible alone. 

New and Expanded Supports Now Available

For 2021-22, we have further developed some existing offerings and added new services and supports to align with the times we are living.

From equity initiatives and expanded mental health and social/emotional supports to meaningful ways for adult learners to train for new careers, we aim to best support the needs of our schools, students and other clients, such as municipalities, not-for-profits, businesses and community groups.

Additionally, we offer a host of tech-focused supports and services—from cybersecurity for your systems and Webex for remote collaboration to ongoing training on remote teaching and more—designed to connect, protect and support educators and others in the increasingly diverse and often virtual ways they are learning and doing business.

View our 2021-22 offerings by division: 

Our clients and districts are our best champions

You see the positive results our services, our programs and therapeutic supports, our professional development and our partnerships have in your schools, with students and even for you, as life-long learners. Please take some time to look over the more than 300 program and service we offer. You might discover that we have a new twist on a “tried-and-true” service familiar to you or a “just right” solution you didn’t know we offer!

And, the next time someone asks you “What exactly does a BOCES do?” or comes to you with a problem that needs solving, send them our way—we’re proud to be your trusted partner in public education and workforce development… and much, much more.