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Staff Directory

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Will a staff directory in printed form be distributed to all BOCES employees?

A. No. The printed directory is costly to produce and becomes outdated as soon as it is distributed.


Q. How up-to-date is this online directory?

A. The online directory is updated monthly.


Q. I am a BOCES employee and the information about me in the staff directory is wrong. How do I report the error?

A. The information contained in the online directory is pulled directly from WinCap, so contact Debra Boissy at (518) 862-4908 or via e-mail if you need your WinCap record changed. If the change is critical, you can also contact Brooks Brown, who can change the online directory. (Note, if you send a change to Brooks, you still need to also send it to Debra, to ensure it remains correct with future directory updates.)


Q. When I click an email link on the results page, either nothing happens, or some other email program opens and it wont let me use GroupWise to send the email.

A. This problem occurs because GroupWise is not set up to be your default email application. If you encounter this issue please contact your in-house technical support person. He or she should be able to configure your computer properly.

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