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2016-17 Individualized Education Program (IEP)  

Annual Review IEP Development Process

To support the important process of developing a meaningful IEP for our students, we are providing you with the following set of guidelines and requirements that have been developed over the years for use within our BOCES system.

Options available to school districts for the annual review meetings are detailed in the IEP Meeting Options memo.

We have also included the timelines that will be followed in our efforts to ensure that the multiple steps involved in this process occur in concert with the districts own planning schedules.

We hope that you find this Web booklet helpful as we work together in developing a meaningful IEP and challenging educational program for our students.

2016-17 IEP Web Booklet

arrow bulletIntroduction

arrow bulletIEP Project Timelines

arrow bulletIEP Meeting Options

arrow bulletIEP Meeting Option Selection Form (PDF)

arrow bulletIEP Meeting Timeline: Option 1

arrow bulletIEP Development and Student Reporting Memo

arrow bulletGuidelines for Completing IEPs

arrow bulletIEP Teaching Assistant Request, Justification (PDF)

arrow bulletGuidelines for IEP Meeting Participation

arrow bulletIEP Regular Education Teacher Input (PDF)

arrow bulletSubstantial Regression form (PDF) 


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