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BOCES Program Information

The Capital Region BOCES Special Education divisions mission is to provide meaningful and challenging educational programs within which students with disabilities can learn and grow to their maximum potential.

In the recent past, many BOCES classes served students who might be described as mildly disabled. Today, these students are being included in regular education classes, often with support from BOCES in the form of itinerant social workers, therapists and other specialists. At the same time, BOCES has created new programs to serve students facing more severe physical, mental and emotional challenges.

The following programs and service listings represent our current efforts to achieve these goals and priorities. However, we remain committed to considering additional options and/or to modifying existing offerings to further enhance our support for the districts and students we serve. 

Program offerings

Intake process

BOCES Special Education division contact information

Regional CSE/CPSE contact information

In the event of an emergency

In the event of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact districts, parents and guardians by phone. Additionally, information will be posted to the homepage of the Capital Region BOCES website and through the Capital Region BOCES Facebook page page and Twitter account(@CapRegBOCES).

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