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Asbestos Training

Health/Safety/Risk offers a variety of N.Y.S. Department of Health and Environmental Protection Agency approved asbestos training courses to schools and other organizations.

Condensed course schedule for 2017-18:

Date Course
September 27  LEA Designee (9-1)
October 6  Inspector Refresher (8-12)
October 6  Management Planner Refresher (12:30-4:30)
October 11  Supervisor Refresher (12:30-4:30) *Course is full
November 15  Operations & Maintenance Refresher (8-1)
December 8  Handler Refresher (8-4)
January 9 Supervisor Refresher (8-4)
March 5 Inspector Refresher (8-12)
March 5 Management Planner Refresher (12:30-4:30)
April 13 Supervisor Refresher (8-4)
May 25 Inspector Refresher (8-12)
May 25 Management Planner (12:30-4:30)


















  • Click here for Asbestos Course Pricing Table

In an effort to hold costs at the current level,"NO SHOWS" that do not cancel 48 hours in advance will be charged at the full rate of their attendance.

Unless otherwise noted, all courses are at 900 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Suite 102 (State Route 155, near the Albany Airport)  Albany, N.Y. Registration begins at 7:45 a.m., and courses start promptly at 8 a.m.
Directions to our Albany Training site

Want to Take an Asbestos Course? Download a registration form (PDF)

View our Asbestos Course syllabus and registration information (PDF) to learn about course options and requirements.

Additional courses can be offered if your organization has special needs. If you are unable to access any PDF, please contact Jennifer Bennett at


Need Labor Department Certification or Licensing Forms for Competency?

Need a form to prove to the Labor Dept that your school doesnt need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Asbestos Regulations

NYS DOL Asbestos Certificate policy for delayed refresher training

NYS DOL Asbestos Guidance document 1/2009


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