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December 13, 2017

CoSer: 611-7511


Jessica Scheckton
(518) 464-3960


2017-18 PRICING
611.040.100 $1,266 per year for districts
subscribing to the Core Communications
611.040.200: $2,532 per year for all other


2016-17 PRICING
611.040.100 $1,249 per year for districts
subscribing to the Core Communications
Service, plus a one-time set-up fee of $500
611.040.200: $2,498 per year for all other
districts, plus a one-time set-up fee of $500
611.040.300 $500 one-time set-up fee



School News Notifier (SNN)

School News Notifier (SNN) is a Web-based, opt-in news and information service through which parents and residents can sign up to receive e-mails and text messages with the latest updates from their district.
Developed by the Capital Region BOCES Communications Service specifically for school districts, SNN gives administrators and staff the power to send updates, reminders and information with a few clicks of a button, without any special software. Subscribers to SNN can choose to receive any or all of the updates their district offers. They retain complete control of their personal information and can unsubscribe at any time.

SNN is customized and integrated with each districts current web design. Whether reminding parents to return a field trip permission slip, sending a sex-offender notification (that can reach private school parents too!) or sharing important budget or program updates, SNN helps districts streamline costly mailings and deliver the news quickly.

Because of its "opt-in" design, SNN is NOT intended to serve as or replace a district's emergency mass communication system. But it complements such systems and is an effective, powerful addition to any communications arsenal because:

  • SNN is available to ALL members of your community, not just parents. Grandparents, daycare providers, local businesses and district taxpayers can sign up to receive budget vote reminders, early dismissal notifications or other information that matter to them.
  • SNN gives districts full control over which updates to offer — and how many.
  • SNN enjoys a high usage rate due to its opt-in approach. Subscribers want to read SNN messages because they have signed up to receive them.
  • SNN subscribers manage their own personal information, so district staff members do not have to spend countless hours updating subscribers contact information or messaging preferences.
  • SNN is easy to use. It is completely web-based and requires no special software; messages can be sent from any Internet-connected computer.
  • SNN keeps a record of all messages sent, including date and time stamp and authoring information.
  • SNN uses encryption and security methods to protect against hacking and safeguard subscriber information.
  • SNN generates more confidence among users. It is customized to complement your district's website, so visitors don't feel they are using an unknown service.

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